If you are interested in becoming a member of Columbia Sailing Club, please follow our application process.

Begin by contacting Vice Commodore Rich Horton via email


Please submit all membership inquiries, club visit requests, and other membership questions to Rich Horton at richhorton@gmail.com.


To formally begin the CSC member application process, please print the application below and submit the completed application via email to richhorton@gmail.com. All applicants need a current CSC club member to sponsor their application, and must also meet various members from the sailing club. A sponsor can be found by attending public club events and meeting CSC club members. The membership committee meets the first Tuesday of the month to process applications. However, we may not meet each month depending on the number of new members. New members should meet at least four members of this committee.


The membership application process is an extensive, detailed process designed to bring new members into the Columbia Sailing Club who will be positive additions to the club. The process is structured so the membership committee can get to know each applicant to able to make an informed recommendation to the board.

The sponsor drives the process, as described in detail in the CSC yearbook.


Please note that the sponsor carries a tremendous amount of responsibility.  Note also that sponsors must have been a member of CSC for at least 12 months and cannot be an officer or board member.  Briefly, here are the steps:

1.  The sponsor informs the vice commodore of their desire to sponsor a new member. The vice commodore makes a determination based on conversation with the sponsor that the candidate is the type member sought by the club.  If the vice commodore agrees, they will forward an application on to the sponsor.


2. The sponsor and applicant will fill out the application. The sponsor will assist the applicant in selecting five references for the applicant. References should know the applicant and be in a good position to make an evaluation of his or her character.


3. The sponsor must turn in the completed application (including picture) to the vice commodore.


4. The vice commodore will publish the application in the Telltale (deadline for inclusion is the 15th of the month.)


5. The sponsor must introduce the applicant to the vice commodore and three members of the membership committee.


6. The full membership committee will interview the applicant at the next meeting of the committee following the month in which the application was published, which is normally the Tuesday before the board meeting.  The sponsor must appear before the membership committee and present the applicant.


7. The membership committee will vote on the application and make a recommendation to the board.


8. The board of stewards will vote on the application.


2024 Membership Committee:


Rich Horton – Chairperson / Vice Commodore


David Brett


Gaither Speaks


Gerrie Gresham


Palmer Stewart


Alan Leichtle


Regina Willoughby