Columbia Sailing Club Auxiliary

Past Presidents

The purpose of the Auxiliary is to “offer assistance and lend support to CSC projects and to encourage interest and activity in all forms of sailboating.” CSCA meets once a month, usually after the club’s Board meeting, to plan for upcoming events. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer comprise the Executive Committee. These officers are elected at the Annual Meeting, held in November, and serve for a term of one year. Dates and time of meetings are posted in the Tell Tale.


Organized in October 1967, the Auxiliary has proven to be a valuable partner in the progress of the Columbia Sailing Club. The Auxiliary has helped with regatta registration, held ladies sailing classes, planned social events at the club, and raised money for club improvements through the sale of regatta lunches and items from our Ship’s Store. All members, associate members, spouses of CSC members and CSC children 18 and older are members of the Auxiliary.


If you wish to know more about CSCA you are welcome to join us for one of our meetings or contact one of the current officers listed below.

2023 Officers


Lee Bell Clayton – President


MaryJo Maddison – Vice President


Dana Bennett – Secretary


Alecia Milling – Treasurer


Erin Mosley – Immediate Past President