Back Cove


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This is a picture of the back cove before anything had been done to it.  The traces of the 1929-32 borrow pits still remain running in an east-west direction.  The earth was dug out and put into the dam.  This scene was from a low-water period and the kids liked to play there.  Mothers learned to hate red clay!

Back Cove Electrical System


There is one power pedestal for every four boats. Each pedestal includes four 30 amp twist-lock shore power receptacles and two 20 amp standard straight blade receptacles. The 30 amp receptacles are designed for continuous power supply to the shore power systems on boats so equipped. The 20 amp receptacles are intended for maintenance and other intermittent purposes on the docks and boats. While the two 20 amp receptacles provide ground fault protection, the 30 amp shore power receptacles do not. If you are using the 30 amp shore power receptacles please confirm that the shore power system on your boat includes appropriate safety features. If it does not or you aren’t sure, please utilize a separate ground fault current interrupter when powering tools and appliances from your boats shore power system. You can purchase the necessary shore power cords and adapters from marine supply stores or home centers. Please use weatherproof cords that are sized for your application and route them (under the walkways if necessary) to keep the docks free of trip hazards. Safety should be your number one priority, particularly when using electricity around water.



There are FOUR fire extinguishers (two on the North dock and two on the South dock).  The Back Cove Map shows the locations.  They are checked and maintained by a club safety committee. There is a master electrical box for each (North and South) dock.  On the South dock, it is located near the ramp and on the North dock, it is located near the ramp on the west end of the cove.  The box is unlocked and in case of an electrical emergency, the box can be opened using the handle on the door.  Once the door is open, a BIG switch labeled SERVICE DISCONNECT is visible near the lower third of the box.  Move the switch to the “O” (Off) position and that will kill all power to the entire dock.  If the emergency involves someone being in the water, BOTH (NORTH and SOUTH) switches must be turned off to kill the power to the entire cove.  These boxes are also identified on the map.


Please take a few moments to become familiar with the locations of the safety devices.  It is also a good idea to instruct your crew/guests about what to do in an emergency….before the emergency.  It could be you in the water or fighting a fire on your boat and not the right time to be trying to give instructions.  Be prepared and stay safe.