PB&J Sailing


PB&J Sailing will not be offered in the 2020 Summer Programs.


We are pleased to offer a new program for children 5-7 years of age. This program will introduce the sport of sailing to all children. Our curriculum will focus on water safety and will teach basic sailing skills using age appropriate activities. Children must have turned 5 years old within 30 days of the first class session, know how to swim and are required to wear lifejackets at all times.


The PBJ course will be held on four consecutive Saturdays with each session lasting for 2 hours from 10am-12pm. Designed as a small group, introductory, hands-on class, the focus is on making kids comfortable in and around the water and boats. PBJ’s goal is to build life-long sailors by helping kids become more comfortable in the water and providing them with a fun and welcoming introduction to sailing. Each PBJ class starts with the three rules: Have Fun, Wear a Lifejacket, and Listen to the Coach. With just three rules, things are kept simple and safe.


Through this month long course, kids will learn general water safety rules, basic sailing knots and marine education. The children will become familiar with understanding wind direction, boat parts, points of sail, steering and how everything works together to control a sailboat. This will be taught through on-the-water instruction as well as sailing related arts, crafts and games. Activities are designed to build confidence to sail in Optimist sailboats. During the first session each student will be given a very basic swim check while wearing a life jacket in order to assess their comfort level in the water.


We are proud to offer a 4:1 student to instructor ratio to have child-centered instruction. We also encourage parents to join in on the fun. Sailing can be a lifelong family hobby. We ask that each child has a parent volunteer for at least one of the four Saturday’s sessions. Children must bring their own water bottle and lifejacket to each class session.



The fee is $100 for members and $150 for non-members.



Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact David Van Cleef, Sailing Director at 803-764-6065 or sailingdirector@columbiasailingclub.org

For more information, please contact David Van Cleef at sailingdirector@columbiasailingclub.org