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Thanks to members of the J24 fleet for your terrific support of collegiate sailing! Forty actual or aspiring Gamecock Sailors showed up for J24 Fleet Day. Everyone had a great time, despite the passing deluge. Thanks to those of you who let us use your boats when you couldn’t be there.  Jim and Wayne – well, we did get soaked near the end of the day so we’ll need to dry out the boats as soon as the rain quits – maybe tomorrow. Sails and lines were left wet. Thanks to Crawford and Matt for taking charge of those two boats so that more folks could get on the water. Alex (with Charles’ boat), Mays, and Hootie thanks for being there in person to help make this happen.

Thanks to John Dotterer and Bill Freeman for setting out some marks for us. We had a larger-than-expected number of new sailors turn up, so we weren’t quite as ready to race as we had hoped. But having marks to sail around made the day better and I think everyone had a great time, even the first-timers. Thanks Amber for providing enough ice cream so that the GSC folks could have some when we got ashore. Thanks to Michial and Steve for bringing out the U20 reinforcements when we didn’t have enough J24s to carry everyone.

Joe Reyes – great pics, both asea and ashore!

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  • CSCA Annual Meeting - November 16th at 4:00 PM




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Since 1957, the Columbia Sailing Club (CSC) has fulfilled its charter to “further interest and activities in sailing in Central South Carolina.” CSC enjoys a prime location on the eastern shores of Lake Murray, and it hosts an extensive list of sailing events and activities.

CSC is a member of the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association and the US SAILING Association. It has sponsored regional and national championship regattas and is home to more than a half dozen regattas each year, including its famous Easter Regatta and Midlands Regatta.

The club also boasts national championship sailors within its ranks, as well as US SAILING certified Race Judges and Officers. Many of CSC’s members are also members of the Lake Murray Yacht Racing Association, which hosts the popular Outback Regatta and over 20 club races each year at CSC.

With its focus on education, CSC offers community sailing, seamanship, and boating safety programs in conjunction with such organizations as US SAILING, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Power Squadron.

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